February 23, 2010


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L’Officiel: the green issue.



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Christopher Kane pulls out a great collection for Fall 2010:  Flowers, lace and leather. 

Full collection here: STYLE

February 22, 2010


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February 20, 2010

YSL Manifesto

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Love everything but…  Strawberries?….  Come on Stefano…  Big no no.  All the bigger when stuck on the windows.  Even my camera rejected the picture!


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I’ve been digging this song as soon as it leaked on the internet.  The video is definitely not as great as JT’s “My Love”, for instance, but it’s still pretty neat and I find it refreshing to watch some hip hop video with a touch of class (YET including the booty shaking!).  Yes it’s possible and this just made my day!

February 18, 2010


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February 16, 2010

Tune of the day

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I’ve been having Benjamin Biolay’s “La Superbe” LP in my library for a while but hadn’t had the time to give it a listen.  Frustrated by the lack of interesting music coming out lately, i decided to put it on my oh so dear iPhone this morning and give the attention it supposedly deserves.  So as soon as I enter the metro I start playing the first track, “La Superbe”, and instantly fall in love with it.  The violins, the groovy beat, the nonchalant voice, the lyrics…  Now I know why all the French critics have been praising the effort.

I’ve always thought Biolay interesting.  intriguing I might add.  From attraction to rejection (after many times walking by him sitting in a café, his devilish eyes piercing through emptiness), I mostly knew him for his celebrity appeal and collaborations.

From one track to another, Biolay led me through his up and down (more down than up) moods and pierced right through.  I’m in musical awe.

Here’s the song the album is named after.  Definitely a must listen.

Now I get it…

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Ok now I understand why brilliant Mr Vukmirovic was displaying so many Trussardi items in the French issues of L’Officiel Hommes!
Echange de bons procédés as we say around here.


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Yes I’m bad at blogging.  I just can’t stick to it.  I’ve always tried to give my blogs a definite theme and it’s never worked.  But lately, I’ve been feeling like doing something that challenges my brain a bit more than working 35 hours a week (Oh yeah, France…).

So here it is: my brand new blog, which I’ll be bad at but hey, at least I’m trying!  No theme, no predefined idea or mood whatsoever; just my blunt self. 

Let’s get started.  For good..?

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